Group Classes / Individuals

Jon has conducted classes for many non-profits and corporations including the Oregon Food Bank, MS Society and WYSE Investment Services Company. He also teaches private classes for groups and works one-on-one with all types of people, from all segments of society. Jon's style is direct, non-dogmatic and from the heart, hence his wide range of extraordinary students and clientele.

in addition to classes, Jon offers the following private healing services for individuals.


Attunement is a form of energy medicine that incorporates non-touch and occasional light touch that balances the physiologic and energetic functions of the body and mind. It is a high spiritual art that involves the sharing of the radiant life force contained in Spirit. Attunement is simple to experience for the flow of Spirit is the force animating every human being. And contained in Spirit is the blueprint for living and purpose, the design for health, and the place from whence healing truly originates. Ultimately,  Attunement is known through a consciousness of identity that is aligned and in union with the true Self. There are many techniques employed in Attunement to balance the energetic flow through the endocrine glands, the various organs, the chakra system, the nervous system and nerve plexus, the spine, the energy meridians, the digestive system, the lymphatic system, the bones, the brain and mental function, spiritual expression, and the feeling realm, all designed to restore balance in one’s state of health and well-being.


Since time immemorial human beings have used ceremony to restore balance in themselves and one another. The magic of ritual is a felt experience and ultimately inexplicable. Therein lies it's power. Jon is proficient in a variety of practices from both Eastern and Western esoteric spiritual traditions. Contact him directly for more information.